Minggu, 09 Desember 2018

A Fulfilling Job - Working in Advertising

Sr. Copywriter

Sounds like uncommon job, but still cool to hear, a writer.
It is sounds like a cool writing job, meet famous people, travel a lot to do the shooting, but in my perspective, this job don't give me a sense on fulfillment.

Let me run through my history in a glimpse (I promise it won't be a long page of essay).

Don't know what to take for uni, I thoughtlessly choose visual communication design. 
What was it?  I had no idea. I just know it was something with design and computer.

Then I studying and learn about advertising and how they create a need based on industry's excess. Not necessarily for the people' goodness, but just because they need to sell more and get money.
Did I like it?  Hell no. I hated it with all my life.
But! Instead of changing my subject, I was too lazy and scared so I tortured myself finishing that 4 years degree.

Graduated, I choose to change it, took another degree called Design for Change most of the course it to solve city's problems with design approach. It was a cool subject overseas. 
But I was too scared of starting a career overseas and idealistically thinking of sharing my knowledge to fellow Indonesian.

So I fly back to my hometown, looking for a teaching job. Unfortunately my working experiences made me invisible, and with a tight deadline, I then choose to work in an advertising company.
Design never been my passion, so I learn hard to change my job, as a copywriter,

I knew deep in my heart, the job I'm having was killing my heart slowly. But, instead of changing the job, I change the company, 4 times, in 6 years.
6 years... There are a lot of ups and downs, I learned hard how to be a copywriter, I learn how to change people's perspective towards a brand, change their lifestyle, and I still don't like it.

But I'm still here...
Cowardly swearing everyday at myself, how I choose to rest and have fun at the weekend rather to find what I like better.

I need to find things that's fulfilling to heart, the thing that I have no burden waking up every morning for.
The job that's helping other beings rather than creating unhealthy lifestyle.

My heart and soul are still struggling to find one, but I need to get up, and start searching for things I made for.

The thing that will make my heart beats excited when I do it, the thing that will make my life fulfilled.

Because at the end of the day,  cool will never satisfying your soul.

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