Rabu, 19 September 2018

Nothing Really Important, Just a Though from the Cell

As someone who were always running away from problems and end up did things in a rush. I always feel inferior to most people and that become my struggle.

I want to be better, but I'm afraid, I feel like I have no talent to do things perfectly.

But one evening, I was day dreaming and see my wrist and imagine the veins inside, it looks so fragile. But hey, if you think about every single cells inside your body, they do their job perfectly.

Imagine if one part of your body hurt, your body will ache, you'll suffer from only a small wound. But every single cells will work hard to recover the broken part. 
WHY? Because your body is the living example that you yourself already try hard to make you, perfect!

If your body is working perfectly, why can't you do the same?

If stuff becomes hard, then it's time to learn to overcome it. 
If things getting long, then take time to finish them.
If I become tired, then take a rest and wake up again.

Just like how your cell inside the body recover to perfecting their work, do thing one by one, slowly towards a perfect you.

Let's work in perfecting ourself until there is no chance to.

This life is much more interesting when I not only learn to do my best but also enjoy the results.

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