Selasa, 11 Juni 2019

To Jesica; In the Edge of Giving Up

A Time Capsule
For if one day I grow null
My mind refuse to grow
My will remain unknown
If passion becomes another action
Comes and goes like the usual poison

Remind me
That life is just a blink
Without the soul it soon shrink
That I will never see the moon
Nor stay in Elysium
But hey, just create your moon
And make the now as Elysium

Minggu, 09 Desember 2018

A Fulfilling Job - Working in Advertising

Sr. Copywriter

Sounds like uncommon job, but still cool to hear, a writer.
It is sounds like a cool writing job, meet famous people, travel a lot to do the shooting, but in my perspective, this job don't give me a sense on fulfillment.

Let me run through my history in a glimpse (I promise it won't be a long page of essay).

Don't know what to take for uni, I thoughtlessly choose visual communication design. 
What was it?  I had no idea. I just know it was something with design and computer.

Then I studying and learn about advertising and how they create a need based on industry's excess. Not necessarily for the people' goodness, but just because they need to sell more and get money.
Did I like it?  Hell no. I hated it with all my life.
But! Instead of changing my subject, I was too lazy and scared so I tortured myself finishing that 4 years degree.

Graduated, I choose to change it, took another degree called Design for Change most of the course it to solve city's problems with design approach. It was a cool subject overseas. 
But I was too scared of starting a career overseas and idealistically thinking of sharing my knowledge to fellow Indonesian.

So I fly back to my hometown, looking for a teaching job. Unfortunately my working experiences made me invisible, and with a tight deadline, I then choose to work in an advertising company.
Design never been my passion, so I learn hard to change my job, as a copywriter,

I knew deep in my heart, the job I'm having was killing my heart slowly. But, instead of changing the job, I change the company, 4 times, in 6 years.
6 years... There are a lot of ups and downs, I learned hard how to be a copywriter, I learn how to change people's perspective towards a brand, change their lifestyle, and I still don't like it.

But I'm still here...
Cowardly swearing everyday at myself, how I choose to rest and have fun at the weekend rather to find what I like better.

I need to find things that's fulfilling to heart, the thing that I have no burden waking up every morning for.
The job that's helping other beings rather than creating unhealthy lifestyle.

My heart and soul are still struggling to find one, but I need to get up, and start searching for things I made for.

The thing that will make my heart beats excited when I do it, the thing that will make my life fulfilled.

Because at the end of the day,  cool will never satisfying your soul.

Rabu, 19 September 2018

Nothing Really Important, Just a Though from the Cell

As someone who were always running away from problems and end up did things in a rush. I always feel inferior to most people and that become my struggle.

I want to be better, but I'm afraid, I feel like I have no talent to do things perfectly.

But one evening, I was day dreaming and see my wrist and imagine the veins inside, it looks so fragile. But hey, if you think about every single cells inside your body, they do their job perfectly.

Imagine if one part of your body hurt, your body will ache, you'll suffer from only a small wound. But every single cells will work hard to recover the broken part. 
WHY? Because your body is the living example that you yourself already try hard to make you, perfect!

If your body is working perfectly, why can't you do the same?

If stuff becomes hard, then it's time to learn to overcome it. 
If things getting long, then take time to finish them.
If I become tired, then take a rest and wake up again.

Just like how your cell inside the body recover to perfecting their work, do thing one by one, slowly towards a perfect you.

Let's work in perfecting ourself until there is no chance to.

This life is much more interesting when I not only learn to do my best but also enjoy the results.

Minggu, 05 Agustus 2018

A Talk to the Younger Me

This little girl
Knows nothing about pain
She never think
She could feel other feelings than happiness
Pain does not exist in her world

Little girl
You are small, beautiful yet fragile
Do you know?
Once you grow
You might not be that adorable
Because pain is belong to adulthood
They say it is good
To make you grow
Anger, quarrel, split up, divorce
That are their excuses
To fulfill their ego

Little girl
It is not your fault
You are pure and lovely
the world is just too cruel
Keep on smiling
Keep on loving me
Cos that what I’ve been doing

Selasa, 24 Juli 2018

First Post by Me, Nothing Special

Akhirnya sempat memaksakan diri untuk mengetik disini.
Karena udah dibikinin blog sama mantan... Mantan anak magang di kantor lama, jadi ya udah, dipaksakan deh mulai menulis di sela-sela nungguin meeting.

What to write?
Dengan titel seorang senior  Copywriter, yang dipikiran orang itu seorang penulis yang selalu dan kapanpun, dimanapun menulis sesuatu yang berfaedah, dan banyak membaca. 
Well.. Kenyataannya, semakin lama bekerja, semakin jarang aku menulis. 

Pertanyaan bagus yang membingungkan..
Copywriter itu penulis iklan, dengan menulis iklan, aku harus mempersuasi orang-orang untuk mencintai suatu produk yang sebetulnya dia itu gak butuh-butuh amat.

Kayak apa nulisnya? 
Nulisnya ya kebanyakan nulis strategi, nulis cerita iklan, nulis headline suatu poster, menulis di kerjaan ini penuh dengan pemikiran, ceritanya harus menjual, harus diterima masyarakat. Yang kurasain itu penulis iklan = orang sales.

Lama kelamaan, feel buat nulis itu ilang, ga ada waktu buat galau, ga ada waktu buat sedih, karena kamu harus memenuhi deadline dan kerjaan yang seabrek.

Menulis itu membutuhkan waktu dan ketenangan.
Menulis itu butuh merasakan.
Menulis itu butuh mencurahkan isi jiwa.

Jadi di sela-sela nungguin meeting ini, yang bisa kutulis hanya setitik pemikiranku yang sepele.
Mungkin di suatu malam yang galau, akan kutulis puisi-puisi menye-menye itu buat kalian hina-hina karena hati cengeng ini.

Sudah, sebentar lagi aku akan dipanggil dan harus menjelaskan konsep yang dapat membuat masyarakat milenial menjadi hedon. 
Semoga nanti tidak ada surga dan neraka agar jangan aku dihakimi karena pekerjaanku ini.

Semoga tulisan ini berkenan kepada anak magangku yang terlalu berlebih dalam menilaiku.
Dan semoga yang membaca dapat menemukan secercah pencerahan agar tidak terjebak di dunia yang sama denganku.

Selasa, 22 Mei 2018

Yang Ku Tahu Soal Jesica...

Halo Kak Jes...
Mungkin hadiah ini nggak bakal bisa ngegambarin kalau Kak Jes udah jadi temen yang baik banget buat aku. ini aku buat, bukan biar Kak Jes harus ikutan jadi blogger, tapi aku cuma pengin apa yang biasa Kak Jes tulis di buku catetan kecil itu, ada orang lain yang bisa baca -mungkin aku.

Intinya, mau blog ini dipake atau nggak, aku nggak masalah. Aku cuma berharap, hadiah kecil ini bisa jadi tempat cerita Kak Jes dan aku berharap aku bakal jadi satu orang yang selalu bisa baca itu.

Maafin aku yang sering ganggu, nggak pernah kasih hadiah, dan juga ngerepotin. Dan semoga hadiah blog ini bisa bikin Kak Jes senyum sedikit, karena aku nggak tau harus ngasih apa.

Aku kangen.
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